Who we are

North Georgia Security Consultants specialize in conducting vulnerability assessments on residential and commercial properties in order to evaluate potential shortfalls in security postures and procedures. Initial assessments/site surveys are conducted resulting in detailed information back briefs to our clients. Assessments drive the security strategies contoured to specific security needs ensuring client peace of mind in relation to personal safety and the security of their assets. After initial assessments, plans and procedures are developed and training is conducted to educate the clients on how new security strategies will be implemented and how to understand the indicators and behaviors that could potentially lead to problems. A few planning considerations include situational awareness, layered security, weapons training and team building. Our number one goal is the safety and satisfaction of our clients, their families and employees.  Many of the topics covered become life lessons that can be passed down to family members and employees resulting in a safer mind set all around.

NGSC is focused and committed to the security of places of worship.  Training and educating staff and volunteers is critical to the mission of the church and we have experience in the implementation of deliberate yet subtle planning considerations.  We understand the mission vs. security aspect of keeping churches and its members safe!

Planning, Training, & Education

Home Security

Business Security

Church Security

Vulnerability Assessments

Crime trends (Location Specific)

Active Shooter

Insider Threat

Layered Security

Staff Security Training/Education

Site Specific Rehearsals

Personal Protection

Access control, Camera and Alarm Installation

Control Room Operations (CCTV)


Advanced Situational Awareness

Guardian Angel

Threat Detection Domains

Concealed Carry Training and Indicators

Weapons Familiarization and Training